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Download Stroke Promoter Training Guide 

The Stroke Promoter Training Guide offers:

  • In-depth knowledge and education about stroke and the signs and symptoms of stroke

  • Statistics on the impact

  • Understanding of the clinical approach to treating stroke

  • 2CEERIAS approach to improving outcomes

Become a Stroke Promoter

Interested in sharing information about 2CEERIAS using your online community?  Sign up here.

Take the 2CEERIAS Community Questionnaire 

The 2CEERIAS Community Questionnaire helps our researchers understand the depth of knowledge and understanding of stroke among varying communities.  Individual responses to the questionnaire are not shared publicly.  Survey responses will be decoded so that your name and personal information is not shared or exposed during our research. 

Become a Member of the Patient Partner Innovation Community (PPIC) : www.ppiconline.com


The Patient Partner Innovation Community (PPIC) is a group of people with lived experience in healthcare. This group is sponsored by ATW Health Solutions and is working through many different venues to improve the quality, safety, and experience of all patients. PPIC volunteers also work in their own communities directly with local and national healthcare organizations to improve the health care system by sharing their experiences


PPIC came about through the expressed desire to be able to network, share, and learn from others who are doing similar work in other communities. The PPIC site www.ppiconline.com and our Facebook group will provide resources and information which will aid you in your efforts, as well as the opportunity to connect directly with others. By joining our group you will also be provided with additional opportunities to network and learn. Join today!